Teachers the change-makers of tomorrow are empowered through regular and constant research in the inviting ambience of the school. ‘Do with teachers what you want them to do with kids,’ is the philosophy we follow. Endorsing a learning society and one of inquisition and questioning begins with teachers who then transform it to listening to all points of view of students, working productively and at ease with different perception to engage the detached. Our teachers undergo experiences and reflect, self-appraise and analyse their own learning styles to empathize with and nurture the same development among students. The cultural shift that teachers at HILLWOOD MILITARY SCHOOL experience from being told what to do, to innovate and bring in their own uniqueness gets deciphered into the classroom and fosters motivation.


The library is not a sanctum of silence but a world of exploration. With an expansive collection of books on every facet of every subject, the school takes a no-expense-spared approach to stocking the library. The serene ambience inspires a love for reading. The library plays a key role in the academic activities of the school for providing support to large number of students.

The Math Lab

This is where our students are able to visually and practically learn the concepts of mathematics, while learning to apply them in real life situations. The Math Lab lets our students explore and have adventures with numbers, equations and formulas, giving them the much needed experience and perspective to view mathematics not just as a subject but as a tool for success. The Mathematics lab includes complete Math’s Kits and instruments that allow learning practical application of theory and concepts.

The Science Labs

The best way to learn is through action and at HILLWOOD MILITARY SCHOOL the approach to teaching sciences is a practical one. Right from watching experiments to conducting them, from seeing to understanding forms and structures, our students are inculcated with the scientific temper that is of utmost importance in today’s world. HILLWOOD MILITARY SCHOOL is equipped with Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs that allows innovative exploration of the world of science. Students can observe and interact with high fidelity models of structure constructing their own learning experience. Additionally, our laboratories are equipped with the necessary equipment, reagents, specimens and highly experienced and trained staff that ensure the safety of students while allowing the students to explore the world of science.

The Computer Lab

The IT Labs are where our students not only learn about Computer Science but are also where they use technology to explore their true potential of the learning and varied methods available to them. From using the internet to doing research, building models and using the tools they would use all throughout as professionals, to students of HILLWOOD MILITARY SCHOOL the computer labs are where they are transformed into versatile future achievers.


At HILLWOOD MILITARY SCHOOL, we aim for perfection in everything…including sports. The Sports Activities are aimed at developing fundamental skills such as focus, strategic thinking and leadership through the practice of sporting discipline. Our ensemble of sporting activities includes.