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A new Hermes Replica Handbags is here to change your daily style edits! Bright, colorful, and vibrant, this is the Hermes Fortunio Clutch Bag.

The name Fortunio is derived from the Latin word “fortuna” which means “good luck.” This Hermes Clutch Bag is not really a new bag. Why? It’s because this latest edition is just a re-release version of a 1930’s design. Sporting an orange poppy color in Evercolor calfskin leather and finished off with a palladium-plated silver clasp, this Clutch Bag is that one particular accessory you would want to be seen carrying around. The most prominent feature of this clutch bag would be its unique V clasp in the middle, which acts as a security lock.

If you look closer, the V palladium-plated silver clasp opens and closes upon twisting its left and right angles. You will notice that there are two holes in the flap and the V clasp is placed in front of these holes to securely fasten it. Replica Fendi Bags

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